Data Recovery

What next?

Give us a call!  In some cases we may be able to plug your hard drive into another system and copy the data off onto a stable hard drive.  If you want us to we can also transfer the data to DVDs.

If the drive has totally failed mechanically then we can arrange to have your drive analysed for a fixed fee.  This will report the extent of the damage and the cost of recovery of the data.  The inspection of the drive will also include a list of data which can be successfully recovered from your drive so that you can decide before you commit to recovery fees, if you want to go ahead with the repair.

What media can we recover?

We can organise data recovery from practically any media type whether it be hard drives, CD/DVD's, tapes and server failures, including RAID setups.

How long does it take?
Depending on the level of urgency and budget we can arrange for different service levels.  Standard level service - Data recovery is performed Monday to Friday 9-5.  Emergency Service - 24/7 for around the clock data recovery.  We can also arrange for On-site data recovery where the engineer will visit your site to perform the data recovery.

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Drive Recovery
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We have dedicated rack space available at a co-location site in kent.