Guide to Using the Number Presentation Feature for Horizon VoIP Service Clients


This guide is specifically designed for clients of Iconology who utilise our Horizon VoIP service. This service’s ‘Number Presentation’ feature enables users to present any UK or International number as their caller ID. It’s an essential tool for businesses requiring a flexible approach to their outbound calling identity, such as outsourced finance companies representing their clients.

Usage Case Example

For instance, consider an outsourced finance firm that needs to make calls on behalf of a client. To ensure brand consistency and avoid confusion, the firm can use the ‘Number Presentation’ feature to show the client’s phone number as the caller ID. This professional approach enhances customer trust and maintains the client’s corporate identity.

Step-by-Step Guide

Using the Number Presentation Feature

  1. Login

    Visit the VoIP Horizon portal at
    Log in with your Horizon VoIP service account credentials that were provided to you by Iconology.Horizon Login Page

  2. Access Number Presentation

    Find and click the blue ‘Number Presentation‘ button in the main dashboard.
    Note: If the button is not present then you will need to contact iconology to request for this to be enabled, your organisation must sign an agreement prior for this to be available.
    Horizon Dashboard Number Presentation Button

  3. Select the Number Presentation Option

    You will be presented with three options:
    Site DDI: This sets your caller ID to the site’s default number.
    Other (UK): Enter a UK number you own or are authorised to use.
    Other (Int): Enter an international number, ensuring you have the right to use it.Horizon Number Presentation

  4. Save and Test

    Once you are ready click the ‘Save‘ button at the bottom and test.

Important Compliance Notice

Only use numbers that you lawfully own or have explicit authorisation to use. Unauthorised use of this feature is against Iconology’s policy and may have legal implications.


By following these simple steps, clients can effectively utilise the Number Presentation feature, enhancing their business communication capabilities while adhering to legal standards.